About Tots2Teens Therapy

About Tots2Teens Therapy

Are you looking for private physiotherapy to help your child reach their potential? 

Is your child struggling to sit, crawl or walk? 

Are you receiving NHS therapies but feel your child needs more? 

Are you looking for post surgery or SDR physiotherapy? 

Interested in trialling treatments not commonly used in the NHS like Functional electrical stimulation, taping, and vibration therapy? 

If the answer is yes contact Tots2Teens Therapy. You will speak directly with a physiotherapist who can discuss your concerns and potential requirements.

We work closely with families, providing individual and specialised 1:1 physiotherapy and occupational therapy for children and young people in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area. 

We strive to go one step beyond to provide the best therapy for our clients and their families. Have a look at our testimonials to see what parents and clients have to say about Tots2Teens therapy.

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Tots 2 Teens Children's Physiotherapy in Manchester & Stockport.

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