Tots2Teens Therapy specialises in the provision of physiotherapy and occupational therapy for children in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area. 

We provide specialist physiotherapy or occupational therapy assessment, treatment and advice for a range of conditions.

  • Delays in development of sitting, crawling and walking (Developmental delay) 
  • Bendy and stretchy joints, which might be causing pain or difficulty with activities. (hypermobility or rheumatological conditions) 
  • Stiff or floppy movements, making daily activities difficult (cerebral palsy, erbs palsy or genetic conditions such as downs syndrome) 
  • Recent surgery requiring pre and post operative physio (SDR, multilevel surgery, nerve grafting etc) 
  • Weak muscles (neuromuscular conditions) 
  • Walking difficulties (including foot posture) 
  • Postural problems 
  • Difficulties co-ordinating movement and struggling with P.E. at school (developmental coordination disorder) 
  • Difficulties with sensory processing disorders 
  • Other concerns including foot position, head position and head shape. 

These are just some examples of what we can treat. Please contact us to discuss your specific concerns over the phone or via email to see if physiotherapy could help your child.

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Tots 2 Teens Children's Physiotherapy in Manchester & Stockport.

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