Developmental therapy

Developmental therapy

Developmental delay is a term used to describe a baby or young child who is slower than expected in achieving the normal developmental milestones. This may affect gross and fine motor skills, speech and language skills, cognitive skills and/or social skills.

Developmental therapy looks at using normal developmental activities as therapeutic stepping stones to motor learning.

Here is what Theo’s mum said...

"My son has vision problems, and I noticed he was falling behind in his development at around five months old when he still couldn't hold his head up. I contacted Louise as I wanted to take action straight away, rather than wait for the NHS. Two months later and I couldn't be happier - my son is now holding his head up, rolling over and beginning to reach for toys. I couldn't have dreamed of him doing these things two months ago. His progress is fantastic and it is all down to Louise. She has given me all the tools to work with my son at home, and without her we wouldn't be where we are today." 

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