Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a technique used to produce contractions in paralysed muscles by the application of small pulses of electrical stimulation to nerves that supply the paralysed muscle. The stimulation is controlled in such a way that the movement produced provides useful function. FES is used as an aid to assist walking and also as a means of practicing functional movements for therapeutic benefit. Electrical stimulation can be used for the following purposes-

  1. For strengthening weak muscles ( in orthopaedic and neurological conditions) 
  2. For increasing range of motion
  3. For enhancing the effect of botulinum toxin
  4. For relaxation of spastic muscles 
  5. For re-education of movement
  6. To improve sensory awareness
  7. To reduce pain associated with spasticity
  8. Reduce the potential need for botox or surgery.

Here at Tots2Teens Therapy we consider the use of FES from toddlers to teenagers. We can enable you to trial FES with your child, with a 1 month loan of the unit and an introduction program. Following successful introduction an active therapy program can be set up with Tots2Teens Therapy or we can liase with your current physiotherapy provider. If long-term use is advocated we will support you to apply for funding for your own unit. Ring us now to find out more about this.

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