Hydrotherapy is the use of warm, deep water to carry out gentle exercise while the water supports the body weight. The warmth of the water helps to reduce tone and pain, and the resistance of the water helps to build muscle strength.

Exercise in water appeals to children because it is fun, but also the buoyancy of the water reduces joint loading and decreases the negative effects of poor balance and poor postural control. Movement in the water requires less effort and promotes fabulous opportunities for free movement out of the confines of equipment.

We also build into our sessions Halliwick pre swimming activities which are designed to build the required skills to more towards swimming skills.

Read about one parents experience of an intensive block of hydrotherapy…

"James loved his hydro sessions. He is unable to stand or walk on land, but the freedom of movement he gained once in the water was wonderful. He loved the feel of the water and started splashing and kicking, which really got his heart rate up! Over the sessions James started sleeping better at night which was a real positive, and we noticed that his legs were much less stiff."

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