Stretching and Vibration Therapy

Stretching and Vibration Therapy

Muscle length is so important during growth to promote correct joint alignment, and optimal muscle function. Ensuring adequate muscle length is essential to enable sitting, standing and walking.

We use vibration therapy and myofacial release as indicated. We have a galileo vibration plate and we can loan this to families for 6 week blocks, with an individual program created at the start of the loan to maximise the benefits. Please contact us for more information!


Myofacial Release

Tightness that occurs in muscles is not restricted to the muscle itself but the structures and facia around the muscle that hold the muscles and organs in place. The facia is seen as a continuous medium that links muscles and body parts together, and therefore tightness and pain in one area can be caused by a tightness or stiffness in another area much further away.

For instance a child who stands with a tilted pelvis will have tightness in her back not only in the muscle but also the connective tissue around the muscles in the back but also the hips and up the spine towards the neck. Freeing up movement in this area, will help to align the pelvis and probably reduce discomfort at the neck.

Vibration Therapy

The principle of vibration therapy is based on the natural movement of human gait. The vibrations side-alternating motion stimulates a movement pattern similar to human gait. The rapid movement of the vibration plate causes a tilting movement of the pelvis, just like when walking, but much more frequently.

To compensate, the body responds with rhythmic muscle contractions, alternating between the left and right side of the body, activating the stretch reflex. This stretch reflex activates the muscles in the legs, the stomach and the back right up into the trunk.

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